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1. Developing and maintaining digital data

GAP Consult offers services in converting analog and digital information in the structured GIS layers/ GIS databases. Sample services include scanning, georeference, digitizing and quality control. GAP Consult sustains a network of trained specialists and has the ability to quickly gather a team for digital data creation for small and big projects.

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2. Spatial analysis and modeling

These terms are widely used in GIS and may include simple spatial and attribute queries, or more complicated methods for re-classification and different geoprocessing tools, as well as advanced process and weighted models, interpolations and expert, project oriented models. In many areas, the expert oriented models need additional integration between GIS and the modeling programs. The spatial modeling is often the “core” or the strength of a Geographical information system.

GAP Consult offers expert-oriented services in different application areas of GIS.

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3. System analysis, planning and design of GIS

„...GIS stores spatial data with logically-linked attribute information in a GIS storage database where analytical functions are controlled interactively by a human operator to generate the needed information products...”,

Roger Tomlinson, „the father of GIS”.

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ТThis thorough definition shows the 5 basic components of a GIS system: data, GIS software, trained specialists, strictly defined work and analytical procedures and hardware platform on which the whole system is built.

The foundation of the successful implementation and introduction of each Geographical Information System is the analysis, planning and design of the organizational and functional structure, software platforms and components, hardware and network configuration, types of data and main structure /model/ of the data. Taking into account the budget as well, the professional planning and the design process is a must for each GIS-based system.

The company offers independent expert analysis and GIS design according to clients needs and independent form software GIS vendors. Based on the experience of different projects and international good practices, the company has developed successful methodology for designing and realizing GIS.

4. Geodatabase design

The company has proven experience in the design and implementation of “small” desk databases for a few users or project oriented and for corporate GIS databases for more than 1000 user and integrated external /non-GIS/ systems.

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5. Development of application software

GAP Consult offers professional services, including design, development and implementation of different software decisions, including desktop GIS products, web based application and mobile GIS instruments.

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6. Digital cartography

The company provides the development of high quality specialized maps based on customers requirements, in different digital format and sizes.

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7. Training

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Based on the experience of the company’s specialists in the GIS are, GAP Consult can offer effective training of basic GIS software product, as well as specialized project training.